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Prospective new patient? Welcome to PATH. 
This video explains how we work, and the same information is detailed below.

In my 18 years of practice, I've noticed that the holistic approach to healthcare is often overlooked.

Patients often come to me feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and with unanswered questions and unresolved problems. 

Sound like you? Let's talk.

Where do I start if I want to work with you?

Initial Consultation

The first thing a prospective new patient will do is schedule a new patient consultation and fill out the intake form that comes in your confirmation email. This comprehensive form covers your medical history in depth; everything from your family history, lifestyle, medications, nutrition, exercise, injuries and traumas, stress, sleep, mood, symptoms, and overall life and health trajectory.

Please take your time filling out this comprehensive form, but be sure to submit it within 48 hours of your initial appointment! Dr. Rooks reviews this intake form ahead of your initial consultation to ascertain what clinical testing needs to be done in order to assess your physiology and find PATTERNS.

What happens in my initial consultation?

When you meet with Dr. Rooks for the first time, your are essentially interviewing each other and giving each other a chance to understand and connect the dots to establish a clear picture of your health struggles and how you got them.

This consultation typically lasts 45-60 minutes, and can be conducted virtually from wherever you are in the world. At the end of this first visit you will receive the doctor's clinical testing or assessment recommendations whether it be​: 

  • stool testing

  • salivary hormone testing

  • blood work

  • food allergy testing

  • mood, brain, or hormonal assessment

With the results from the above testing, Dr. Rooks puts together a Plan of Action that is specific to YOU, which is called the Life and Health Restoration Program. 

This work is included in the value of your very first visit. It covers the time that you spend talking about your story and your concerns, and the assessment of your treatment needs, which determines where you fall within our different tiers of programs.

How much does the initial consultation cost?

  • When you schedule the initial consultation, we will take a credit card to put on file. This is to charge a $75 deposit, only in the event of last minute cancellation or no-show.

  • The initial health history evaluation and office consultation from Dr. Rooks costs $400 for the one-hour appointment.

  • Depending on what clinical assessments and labs are ordered, the remaining cost ranges from $500-600 for the testing kits and lab work. Insurance coverage may vary.

Speaking of INSURANCE, am I covered?

This type of work is often OVERLOOKED in the modern "sick care" model. And unfortunately, that is the model that health insurance has been designed for. However:

  • We can use your general health insurance to order your blood labs.

  • Your Health Spending / Health Savings / Flex Spending accounts are 100% usable at our office.

  • Some of our lab companies do bill insurance to cover the cost of testing, though certain testing is typically not covered if it is considered "not medically necessary."

  • If your insurance does not cover something, we work with a co-operative lab that can typically price the blood work at 10-15% of what normal insurance-based labs would charge.

  • On average, our work tends to get 50/50 coverage by insurance companies for both office time and supplementation.

  • Our office provides receipts for all services rendered with appropriate diagnosis codes that you can submit to your insurance company.

I had my first consultation, NOW WHAT? 

If the doctor accepts your case you will leave your first visit with an understanding of the tests that must be performed, with the price points, and you will get your functional testing done.

How do I do an at-home stool or salivary hormone test?

Click here to learn more about the testing that we do and see our tutorial videos. Make sure to send in your testing kits via the proper shipping service.

What do I do after my testing?

Once you do your testing and mail in the kits, you will call our office to schedule your follow-up appointment, the Report of Findings, in about three weeks depending on the testing performed.

Upon receipt of your lab results, Dr. Rooks takes about 30-45 minutes to integrate the information from your history, your visit, and clinical findings for your Report of Findings visit. 

What happens at the Report of Findings Visit?

This is your 2nd visit, which typically lasts an hour. It includes:

  • Presentation of your personal Plan of Action and treatment protocols

  • Discussion of total cost of personal care plan and our financing options

  • Includes evaluation of case and analysis of lab findings (Doctor's Fee: $500)

How Much do the Care Plans Cost?

Dr. Rooks has three tiers of programs. Typically, they are 3, 6, or up to 9 months. Depending on the condition, history, complexity, and severity of the case, the total care plan costs range from about $2500 - $7500. 


Each care plan includes four components:

  1. Doctor's Visits (virtual)

  2. Personalized Health Coaching and Virtual Educational Curriculum (8 classes)

  3. Supplementation and Nutraceutical Bank

  4. Follow Up Testing Lab Bank

The Doctor's Fee from the Report of Findings visit will be included in the total cost of your care plan. 














SUMMARY of How We Work

  1. Schedule your Initial Consultation.

    • fully virtual, from anywhere​

    • Card on file for a $75 deposit to secure your appointment (not charged unless insufficient cancellation notice).

  2. Fill out the Intake Form that comes in your email (please submit electronically within 48 hours of your appointment)

  3. Initial Consultation via Zoom

    • includes discussing your health history and case
    • Doctor's assessment of your testing needs

    • Determination of where you may fall in our program tiers

    • $400 cost of initial visit

    • List of labs/tests to be done:

    • Saliva, Stool, and Blood testing total ranges from $500-$600, depending on insurance coverage

  4. Conduct Testing

    • all patients will do blood work

    • complete any at-home or in-lab tests (tutorials here)

    • fill out and submit any additional health questionnaires

  5. Report of Findings Visit (after testing)​
    • Presentation of your personal Plan of Action and treatment protocols

    • Discussion of total cost of personal care plan and our financing options

    • Includes evaluation of case, analysis of lab findings (Doctor's fee: $500, included in total program cost)

  6. Start your program and take home your first protocol

    • If you move forward with your personalized program, you will receive your first ​protocol and schedule your next program appointment

    • Programs include:

      • Supplementation specific to your needs throughout your program

      • Virtual access to our curriculum

      • Schedule of classes with our Health Coach

      • Series of follow-up appointments with Dr. Rooks 

      • COMING SOON: access to our online patient portal and mobile app

      • Any follow-up testing that may be needed

    • You're on your new PATH to health!

I'm ready to set up my initial consultation!

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We will contact you soon to get you scheduled.

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