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Comprehensive Functional Lab Testing

You don't know unless you test!

Unlike some practitioners who simply recommend supplements based on your symptoms (and hope they help), PATH Integrative uses blood, saliva, urine and stool testing to help you determine what systems or mechanisms are malfunctioning in your body. These malfunctions may not have caused serious disease yet, therefore, they remain undetected by your conventional doctor’s tests.

He or she may even tell you that “everything looks normal” on your standard blood panels.


Still, these malfunctions are at the root of your health problems, which will likely to get worse. Eventually, you may be diagnosed with a disease or serious condition if you don’t correct the malfunction in time.

These tests dig deep to look at organ systems Integrative. For most this is the most comprehensive lab workout you’ll ever have!

We are sleuthing for patterns of dysfunction to connect the dots on how the body is functioning or dysfunctioning to correlate WHY you may be experiencing ill health, symptoms and disease as well as how many systems are involved TO GIVE A HOLISTIC APPROACH toREGAIN HEALTH AND VITALITY and not manage the symptoms!

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