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Testing Tutorials

PATH Integrative uses blood, saliva, urine, and stool testing to help you determine what systems or mechanisms are malfunctioning in your body. These malfunctions may not have caused serious disease yet, therefore, they remain undetected by your conventional doctor’s tests.

Saliva Collection Instructions

  1. Fill out Patient Information section (1) on top of requisition form, including name, DOB, contact information, sample collection date, and sample ship date. 

  2. Read instructions on back of form. *Note: IGNORE instructions about eating 75g of carbohydrates at provider's discretion.

  3. Collect saliva samples during the specified time windows, and record times of meals/snacks throughout the day.

  4. Ship samples as soon as possible - may refrigerate until shipped; ship within 3 days. Use provided UPS shipping label.  

Stool Collection Instructions

Please watch the video above for more detailed instructions on stool test collection. Please disregard the requisition form instructions and follow the directions for the online activation process.

Stool Test Activation


​When you receive your stool kit, open the box and find the ONLINE ACTIVATION CARD (blue heading with patient Date of Birth stickers). Follow the instructions on the card:

    1. Scan the QR code with a mobile phone, OR

    2. visit

  1. Complete the online activation process steps and be sure to write the final Activation Confirmation number on the card in the blank space. 

  2. Select the Date of Sample collection and complete the online activation process.

  3. If you have non-Medicare insurance, you will be making an initial payment of $179 for this stool test and the remaining amount will be billed to your insurance provider. ​After the claim is processed, a statement will be sent if there is additional Patient Responsibility. *** The additional out of pocket costs will not be higher than $236.00 as long as future balances are paid promptly, by the date indicated on any billing statements. ***

  4. If you do not wish to use medical insurance, you will pay the full amount of the stool test which is $415.00.

  5. See the Patient Guide in the box or watch the video to follow the collection steps. IMPORTANT: DO NOT collect your stool sample out of the toilet! Use the materials provided to collect a dry sample. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully! 

  6. Use the Patient Date of Birth and Date of Collection stickers provided on the activation card to label each stool sample container.

  7. Be sure to tighten all container lids and dispose of any waste as you place your specimens into the box.

  8. Make a copy of your insurance card, if applicable. Place this in the clear slot on the outside of the box when you are preparing to send in your specimen.

  9. Ship sample as soon as possible - may refrigerate until shipped; ship within 48 hours. Use provided FedEx shipping bag and label. Check "Exempt Human Specimen" on shipping bag.

  10. Schedule your Report of Findings appointment for about 3 weeks (minimum) from the day you ship the test kit. 

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