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The detoxification system refers to the body’s pathways for eliminating harmful toxins such as mercury, various chemicals and the products that result from the breakdown of alcohol or medications. Our modern world is creating a level of chemical and heavy metal exposure that is taxing our detoxification system.

Your liver is at the center of your body’s detoxification system. The liver is an amazing organ, responsible for filtering toxins out of your blood. Our bodies must handle and process toxins from many sources.


One major source of toxic exposure is through the digestive tract.


High fat diets, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, artificial sweetener consumption and the use of medications contribute to the total burden placed on the liver.


Hormones and antibiotics fed to animals, preservatives and dyes used in foods you eat can all cause serious symptoms and side effects. Heavy metal toxicity from dental fillings, contaminated food and water, and other environmental exposure also add to the total toxic load on the body.


In addition, everything you apply to your skin or expose yourself to in your environment must pass through your liver, where it is must be neutralized and excreted.

An overworked liver can become clogged, causing toxins to back up and recirculate into the bloodstream. Inadequate detoxification leads to allergies, asthma, joint pain, skin problems, headaches, inability to concentrate, and alcohol intolerance.


Inadequate detoxification leads to accelerated aging and promotes the onset of degenerative diseases. Despite all the work it has to do everyday, the liver has an amazing ability to regenerate.

Three body systems -- hormonal, digestive & detoxification -- interact with one another. For example, if you eat a food you are reactive to it will cause inflammation in the GI tract which impacts normal digestion and absorption of nutrients.


The inflammation generates a hormonal response and as the anti-inflammatory hormone cortisol rises, immune function lowers and your sex hormone levels drop. All this can happen simply because you had a pancake breakfast and a large glass of orange juice -- a carbohydrate heavy, low nutrient & for some, inflammatory meal!

The fourth major body system is based on both anti-oxidant protection and liver detoxification. These body functions are the physiological mechanisms that protect you from free radical damage and chemical toxicity.

Comprehensive Cleanse Program

It is recommended to cleanse and detoxify the body at least 1x per year. Contact us to participate in our Doctor-assisted, comprehensive cleanse program made easy and comfortable. Avoid detox symptoms with our state of the art body and liver detoxification protocol, 3 weeks to a physiological “reset."

This practice can heal and prevent future health crisis by eliminating toxic burden.

Benefits include:

  • increased energy

  • better sleep

  • improved gut function

  • decrease/eliminate body aches and pains, food cravings and poor food choices

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