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Nutrition & Supplementation

Nutrition is not simply WHAT you put in your mouth to eat, it is really about how your body breaks food down into nutrients and absorbs them. The goal of eating food is to use it for FUEL and energy production.

With the SAD, Standard American Diet, the focus has been placed on the food pyramid which stresses a heavy grain based and carbohydrate based diet. Experience and research has shown that this is 1 of the biggest reasons for much of our obesity, diabetes, poor immune status and the growing healthcare epidemics of today.

We as a society are OVERFED and undernourished!!

We all need the 90 essential nutrients put into our bodies daily and it cannot all be extracted from whole foods…it’s just impossible. That is where Nutritional supplementation comes in! Unfortunately, in our current mainstream healthcare model, people are not given this as an option. It is the foundation for HEALING.

Find out if clinical nutritional deficiencies from poor food supply and/or poor eating habits are thwarting your health and leading you down the wrong path.

For many people that we work with, simple diet changes, supplements added and lifestyle shifts produce profound changes in how they feel, make new energy, produce and reverse health challenges they are facing. For some, we help recover their health from diagnosed medical conditions, find the cause of ill health and dis-ease and repair what is not working physiologically and rejuvenate their quality of life and health profoundly.

The mission is simple: Teach people how to achieve optimal health naturally, without drugs or surgery.


If you are among the growing population of concerned patients who are fed up with the current state of affairs, then you have come to the right place. Those who find Dr. Rooks are part of the growing movement of health conscious people who have had it with the limited and broken healthcare system. They are sick of being given drugs and surgery for all their ailments, and feel, year after year, that they are getting sicker and sicker while under their MD’s care. If you are tired of taking drugs to manage symptoms instead of supporting the body in healing itself, then you will love learning from Dr. Rooks.


Many people who are looking for a better way, a natural solution that is RESULTS oriented, science-based and clinically verified, come to find that Dr. Rooks has the answers they were looking for. Dr. Rooks is a licensed Chiropractic Physician with 12 years of clinical experience and specialized training in Clinical Nutrition and Integrative Healthcare. During her time as a doctor she has helped many people achieve optimal health. Now she looks to show you and teach you how you can support your body’s ability to fix itself. There is a way, and healing is easy!

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