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Image by Andrew Neel

Integrative Health

Coaching & Education

Within the functional medicine model a lot goes into the key Lifestyle Changes needed to see results.

Education & consistency are the KEYS TO REGAIN YOUR HEALTH... knowing WHAT to do on a daily basis creates the foundation FOR CHANGE. Navigating HOW TO MAKE IT WORK IN YOUR LIFE is what health coaching is all about.

“I don’t know what to do anymore," “there are so many different diet fads," “my doctor doesn’t talk to me about this”... these are all statements I hear every day from patients seeking help for their health conditions.

So much of the problem in our health care system today is a lack of KNOWLEDGE, GUIDANCE & lack of accountability.

WHAT MAKES INTEGRATIVE HEALTH CARE DIFFERENT is an educational approach, the integration of systems in analysis, incorporation of diet, lifestyle and habit change to achieve a goal.


Lifestyle change is the hardest so our program gives clear, concrete changes and helps individuals establish new HABITS.

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