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We pour our heart and soul into caring for our patients and nothing makes us happier than to receive feedback about their growth and wins! Our patients' experience extends hope and understanding to others...powerful transformation is possible through functional medicine, integrative bodywork and chiropractic care. We can't wait to add YOUR story! Please email us when you're ready...

She gave me my life back

"When other doctors simply wanted to medicate me, Dr. Heather found the systemic reasons for the issues and cured them all. I am pain free, down 35 lbs., sleeping better, clear-headed, more energy. My thyroid is normal. It's amazing!” -Stephanie

Helped me is an understatement

'More like 'miraculous' would describe how working with Dr. H has positively impacted my life. Dr. H works from the inside out. Her focus was on fixing the cause not simply masking 'symptoms.' Her knowledge of the body is extensive.” -Gina

Dr. Heather has truly changed my life

"Before I met Dr. Heather Rooks I thought I was in good shape but now since I've followed her regime and protocol I feel in the greatest shape of my life! I'm living proof that natural products and a great doctor really work and I believe that it should be a priority to everybody. Dr. Heather has truly changed my life, thank you!” -Dean

I've lost weight and my blood sugars have been lowered to almost normal

“I've lost weight and my blood sugars have been lowered to almost normal! Dr. Rooks takes the time to read my blood work. She got me off all medication with a healthy diet and nutritional supplements. The attention and care she has given me is amazing!” -Sheri

We would love to add
YOUR success story!

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