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Our Goal is Your Ideal Health

Your body is designed to seek health. If you've lost your way, PATH can help educate and empower you to reclaim the vitality you deserve! The PATH model of healing is fully executed when you work wth Dr. Rooks on a personalized Life & Health Restoration Program.

In the forest

Begin to Unearth
the ROOT Cause

  • Warrior Wellness: Our self-directed 6-week online course is where everyone begins. Clean up your diet and your lifestyle to begin seeing changes immediately!

  • Health History: Once you are scheduled to meet with Dr. Rooks, the comprehensive intake and symptom forms will give us an overview of your entire health and lifestyle history (not just what's going on today!)

  • Comprehenive labwork: You'll have access to advanced testing such as blood, saliva and stool.

You are NOT BROKEN. But there may be underlying broken mechanisms within your body, that we can understand and fix. Rather than use drugs, surgeries, and treatments of the Allopathic model, we use FUNCTIONAL treatments that are the cutting edge of health care and health OPTIMIZATION.

Magnifying Glass

Understand How You Got Here, and What's Been Overlooked

  • Dig Deep into Your Lab Results: Meet one-on-one with Dr. Rooks' at a Report of Findings visit to receive her advanced functional analysis of your lab results and her personal recommondations for next steps.

  • Presentation of your Customized Life & Health Restoration Plan: Based on her findings, Dr. Rooks will lay out a 3-6 month plan to help you reclaim your vitality!

Your lab results will serve as a personal roadmap to addressing the following:

  • Balancing and fixing infection load, especially viral or bacterial, parasitic, or protozoal in the gut

  • working to improve the gut-immune axis and gut-brain axis, and stopping the Autoimmune process

  • addressing the root cause of food allergy and GI issues

  • improving thyroid function, energy, and fatigue

  • restoring endocrine functionality

  • reestablishing the body's ability to produce adequate hormones

  • Profiling the Adrenals and addressing peri- or menopausal and fertility issues

Happy Woman

Your Customized Life & Health Restoration Plan includes: 

  • One-on-one consults with Dr. Rooks

  • Live/online, personal coaching calls

  • Online education modules to help you fully understand and implement tools for success

  • Guidance for realigning your core human basic needs

  • A framework for lasting change with defined goals, actionable steps and accountability

  • Ongoing support via your patient portal

Dr. Rooks' signature functional medicine program will address: 

  • Inflammation

  • Nutrition

  • Gut infections and Repair

  • Gut-Brain Axis

  • Neurotransmitter production

  • Mood, motivation, and energy

  • Immune Axis and Autoimmunity

  • Adrenal and Sex Hormone Health

  • Thyroid Health

  • Cleanse & Detoxification needs

  • Reducing toxic burden

  • lifestyle modification and habits

  • Mind-body practices

  • Mindfulness & emotional health

Don't wait another minute to feel better!

I'm READY to get started!

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