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Relaxing Candles

Massage & Bodywork

Our team of experts blends experience, talent and techniques to elevate your senses, relax your body and facilitate your healing.


Integrative Massage

This type of therapy can be a natural way to promote health and reduce pain. Beyond benefits like relaxation, touch therapy has been shown to decrease stress in the body and lessen the negative effects of anxiety, depression and even digestive disorders. When
working with the whole person, we work with all the layers of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being.

Benefits of Massage

Massage can help relieve chronic muscle tension and promote correct muscle function. But it's not just good for our muscles; it’s good for our entire physical and mental health. The stress hormone cortisol suppresses the immune system, which makes us much more susceptible to illness.

Touch, on the other hand, increases the production of immunoglobulin A. This helps to expand the number of white cells in the blood and boost the immune system. Physical contact also encourages our brains to produce more Serotonin. It makes us feel relaxed and happy, and generally contributes to a sense of wellbeing

Increases blood flow to limbs

Good circulation can become increasingly difficult as we age, and massage therapy helps promote blood flow into the limbs

Produces feelings of comfort

Some people enjoy massage because it can produce feelings of caring and connection

Increase flexibility

Massage therapy softens up tight muscles and loosens joints, enabling a wider range of motion in the activities of daily living

Improves sleep

The relaxation benefit of massage can promote sleep through the night when sleep may otherwise be a challenge

Improves balance

Due to massage’s ability to increase blood flow to the limbs, it helps to improve proprioception, or the sense of relative position of body parts, thus improving balance and reducing chances of falling

Stimulates the nervous system

Massage helps produce hormones that have
enormous benefits on the body, including oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine (the
happy hormone)

Immune support

–Massage greatly supports immunity function by moving nutrients through the body and filtering metabolic waste through increased circulation and lymphatic flow

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