Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine

The functional/integrative approach of HEALTH care is based on the idea that the body is an inter-related system, and that no part works all by itself, without having some effect on other parts of the body.

Comprehensive Functional Lab Testing

We use tests to look for patterns of dysfunction to connect the dots on how the body is functioning or dysfunctioning to coorelate WHY you may be experiencing ill health.


Autoimmune Health

Autoimmune conditions have exploded to epidemic proportions over the last few decades. Living with an autoimmune disease can be a lonely experience. Many people wait years to find out why they’re sick, and once they’re finally diagnosed, they receive few options from their doctor.

Gut Microbiome Assessment & Repair


- Hippocrates

I’ve heard so many patients say they know leaky gut is causing their symptoms…even though they’ve never been tested and aren’t fully sure how or why it occurs.

We don't guess, we TEST!!

Adrenal Hormone Rebuilding & Balancing

With chronic or severe stress, your adrenal glands may fatigue and although they still work as hard as they can, they are not able to adequately keep up with your level of stress. This can leave you feeling fatigued, overwhelmed and down; as well as lower your blood sugar, immune function and libido...

Hormone Optimization

The approach we take with the endocrine/ hormone producing system is BALANCE IT ALL: Insulin, thyroid, adrenal and sex hormones.


What do weight gain, low sex drive, anxiety, depression, an increase in colds and infections, and joint pain all have in common? First, they are common symptoms that are often dismissed as “normal” signs of aging...

Nutrition Protocols

Nutrition is not simply WHAT you eat, it is really about how your body breaks food down into nutrients and absorbs them. The goal of eating food is to use it for FUEL and energy production.


The detoxification system refers to the body’s pathways for eliminating harmful toxins such as mercury, various chemicals and the products that result from the breakdown of alcohol or medications. Our modern world is creating a level of chemical and heavy metal exposure that is taxing our detoxification system.

Integrative Health Education & Coaching

Within the functional medicine model a lot goes into the key Lifestyle Changes needed to see results. Education & consistency are the KEYS TO REGAIN YOUR HEALTH... knowing WHAT to do on a daily basis creates the FOUNDATION for CHANGE. Navigating HOW TO MAKE IT WORK IN YOUR LIFE is what health coaching is all about.

Body Composition Optimization

While the scale will tell you how much you weigh, it doesn’t tell you what your body is made of.

Body composition refers to everything in your body, split up into different compartments. Two compartments are commonly used: fat mass and fat-free mass...


“I have never been so free of pain as I was when I left this office.” 


—  FAYE M. 










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