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Massage & Therapeutic Bodywork

International techniques and experience masterfully blend

into sessions that will transcend mind and body.

“The secret of health for both mind
and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly...
Live each moment completely and the future will take care of itself. Fully enjoy the wonder and beauty of each moment.”


-Paramahansa Yogananada

Joe Cianciulli

Joe began his professional career as professional dancer with the Louisville Ballet, Principal Pianist with the Pennsylvania Ballet and Professional Opera Singer with the Kentucky Opera. Following a 10 year pedagogy study under voice builder Dan E. Montes, Joe felt the calling to follow a career in medicine. Joe earned an additional Bachelors degree in Speech Language Pathology before embarking on a three year professional study as an Ayurvedic Practitioner. Joe apprenticed under Ayurvedic Doctor Alpa Bhatt while completing his massage therapy licensure when he was introduced to Canari, Ecuadorian, medicine. Joe studied South American medicine within a private womens clinic in Pennsylvania before parting ways and seeking to move closer to South America and open his own clinic, Yupaichani! Joe  practices Canar Ecuadorian medicine within the lineage of 5th generation Curandero (Medicine man/ South American Doctor of Medicine), Don Jorge Pichazaca. Joe was the first American male to be taught this medical system and ancient practice of of abdominal alignment and is blessed to share the medicine with those in need. 

    Joe is thrilled to offer this unique medical approach to the Western world! He has spent his life seeking to give back to humanity and feels humbled that he is blessed to follow the path to practice South American medicine at PATH Integrative Health.

Ayurveda Marma (Acupressure) Massage of Head, Neck and Feet

60 minutes | $100
Marma Therapy in Ayurveda is a Therapeutic Treatment massage that stimulates marma points, or energy centers, of the body in order to free physical and energetic blockages along the Meridian lines of the body. This Ayurvedic Treatment is meant to address the neurological and lymphatic system by applying pressure to areas of stagnation with the goal of restoring optimal

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy
60 minutes | $100
90 minutes | $150

Relaxation Massage /Swedish Massage
60 minutes | $100
90 minutes | $150

Cupping Massage American
30 minutes | $60
60 minutes | $100

Cupping Massage South American

30 Minutes | $75

60 Minutes | $125

Either American or South American Cupping Massage can be tailored to focus on a specific area of stress for clients. Say, for example, a client suffers from sciatic pain. Any nerve compression can be relieved using South American Cupping because where a nerve is compressed, fire cupping can lift and give length allowing for the return of freedom and optimal neural flow to previously compressed nerves.

South American Massage Treatment w/out organ alignment

2 hours | $300
This includes; 15 minute energetic cleanse using palo santo, sacred tobacco, egg smudging; 1.5 hours of deep tissue massage and cupping therapy; Aromatherapy; Ayurvedic marma therapy of the neck and feet.

South American Massage Treatment with organ alignment/abdominal manipulation/non-invasive surgery

2 hours | $350 (*Recommended 3 sessions within 6 weeks)
This treatment includes; 15 minute energetic cleanse using palo santo, sacred tobacco, egg smudging; 1.5 hours of deep tissue massage and cupping therapy; Aromatherapy; Ayurvedic marma therapy of the neck and feet and abdominal manipulation.

Sports Massage (Pre-event/Post-event)
60 minute | $100

Trigger Point Therapeutic Massage
60 minute | $100


South American Treatment

3 South American Full Body Treatment Massage with organ alignment, aromatherapy and Ayurveda MarmaTherapy scheduled 2 weeks apart.

3 Sessions


South American Treatment

6 South American Full Body Treatment Massage with organ alignment, aromatherapy and Ayurveda MarmaTherapy scheduled 2 weeks apart.

6 Sessions

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This therapy is great for...

Sciatica Scatica is nerve compression caused by either tight muscle tissue, blockage in the meridian or misaligned organ that is leaning into the pelvis. When we address the misalignment AND apply reverse compression (cupping) we are able to lengthen the muscle tissue and restore freedom to the nerve.

Back pain (lower, middle, upper) Attachement sites of the organs are located along the spine. When the organ is misaligned the attachment site becomes tight leading to discomfort and, in chronic instances, pain.

Hernia (Abdominal, Hiatal, Inguinal) Herniation occurs when an organ is misaligned chronically leading to a stagnation and hardening. Over time this hardening weakens the abdominal wall, inguinal area or diaphragm leading to herniation. We bring the organ back into alignment and support a detoxification of the body with a combination of body treatments and herbal/ lifestyle support. Modern chiropractry applies a similar technique they call visceral manipulation.

Digestive Disturbance both Chronic and Acute (GERD, IBS, Chrons) When the Colon becomes twisted in any way digestive toxins cannot be properly processed and eliminated leading to accumulation of digestive toxins and the building of an acidic environment. Clients experience this as loose stools (the body intelligently thins the stool to allow for something to be passed in bowel movement), broken stools and/or constipation. This treatment, when paired with dietary adjustments returns the gut to a more balanced state.

Missed/ Prolonged Menstrual Cycle The uterus regulates estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, relaxin, follicle stimulating hormone, metabolism, serotonin and melatonin. When the uterus becomes misaligned the body accumulates toxins in the endometrium (leading to endometriosis), the ovaries (leading to cysts and fibroids) and or in the breast tissue (leading to cancer ; the breast tissue is the secondary depository for uterine toxins. Our treatment seeks to realign the uterus leading to proper elimination of uterine toxins during a 5 day mentruation. Menstrual cycles that last longer than 5 days are not normal in the south american women’s medical philosophy.

Infertility Infertility is not real! Infertility is the result of a misalignment of either the prostate or the uterus. To remedy infertility we combine a properly aligned AND DETOXED uterus and prostate with intimacy during ovulation. We then pair intimacy during ovulation with the solstice or equinox (this = safe passage for souls). PLEASE NOTE : Clients who seek to remedy infertility using this treatment MUST, as a prerequisite, commit to proper completion of the 4 session series and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, must commit to detoxification of the uterus and prostate. The uterus has been collecting toxins in misalignment for who knows how many years and we do not support growing an organic vessel in a highly acidic environment.

High Cholesterol Cholesterol is the glue of the body. When the blood is acidic the body creates more cholesterol to repair the vascular walls that are beginning to breakdown from acidity in the blood. We apply a blood alkalizer that, when paired with our detoxification treatments, will lower the need for your body to produce cholesterol as the vascular walls will maintain stability in a more alkaline environment.

Chronic Acid Reflux Caused by a misalignment in the stomach.

ALL PMS symptoms including ; chronic fatigue, bloating, depression, acne, cramping

Slipped Disk PMS symptoms are NOT normal. These are signs of a misaligned uterus and, when the uterus is properly aligned for at least 3 moon cycles, PMS symptoms will begin to lesson significantly.

Arthritis (Chronic and Acute) Arthritis is an accumulation of toxins in the joints. We open the meridian channels, free blockages and introduce cupping to arthritic joints in order to encourage length and a flushing the toxin buildup with more alkaline blood.

Excessive Weight Gain Most clients who feel they are overweight are not overweight. Instead they suffer from either blockages in the lymphatic system or blockage in the abdomen. Whenever a blockage in the abdomen occurs the body will increase the mesentery fluid to the area in an attempt to correct the imbalance. This leads to bloating. Furthermore, if the uterus is blocked/ misaligned (remember the uterus regulates metabolism) then you may have the healthiest diet in the world and still be gaining weight. Marma therapy addresses the lymphatic blockages and the abdominal massage addresses the uterus and prostate.

Urinary incontinence When the uterus or prostate are prolapsed or tilting forward they can lean into the urinary bladder causing inability to urinate. Our treatments address this problem in 1-2 sessions.

and much more!

Chinese Medicine

Medicinal Teas

Botanical blends are curated to gently support and rebalance your system. Most of our herbs are sourced from Ecuadorian women's cooperatives.

“Testimonials provide a sense of what it's like to work with you or use your products.
Change the text and add your own."

Alexa Young, CA

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